Jacking System

These jacking system plans or configurations could be built-in many formats by using bevel gearboxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings, plummer blocks and motion control devices.

Four of the largest system configurations would be the ‘H’, ‘U’, ‘T’ and ‘I’ configured jacking systems. Observe that multiple screw jacks could be linked together robotically or electrically. The second is helpful if there’s no space for linking drive shafts.


H-Configuration Jacking System

i-Configuration jacking-system

I-Configuration Jacking System

T-Configuration Jacking System

T-Configuration Jacking System

U-Configuration Jacking System

U-Configuration Jacking System

How the Jacking System Works

A screw jack product is where several screw jack is operated in symphony to attain a straight line movement. The screw jack system arrangement can also be generally known as “jacking system”.

Jacking System Works

The opportunity to robotically link multiple screw jacks together so they relocate symphony is among their finest advantages. Typical plans involve screw jacks, bevel gear boxes, motors, reduction gearboxes, drive shafts, couplings and plummer blocks.

Jacking Systems have 2 primary features:

  1. They permit for that movement of huge loads driven with a single motor e.g. 4 x ME18100 screw jacks arranged inside a screw jack system could move a lot of 400 Te (4000kN).
  2. Support loads evenly more than a relatively large area e.g. 20Te load more than a 24m2 area using four screw jacks with 6m x 4m center spacing.
Jacking System Works 1

Typically jacking systems are robotically linked in between each driven item within the system. However digitally linked systems can also be found. During these systems the screw jacks are individually motorised and synchronised with an electronic control system and closed feedback loop. This may also be expanded to ensure that multiple robotically linked jacking systems are synchronised / controlled digitally allowing straight line motion methods to get offers for on the massive scale.

It has permitted Power Jacks to supply jacking system solutions into most sectors. Production type environments whether in metal, civil, automotive, paper or energy would be the primary users of jacking systems however applications for example stadiums, communications and research also employ jacking systems of big and small designs.

Regardless of the application Power Jacks possess the understanding and experience that ensures the shoppers will get the very best jacking system solution.