Bevel Gear

Bevel gears are gears where the axes of the two shafts intersect and the tooth-bearing faces of the gears themselves are conically shaped. Bevel gears are most often mounted on shafts that are 90 degrees apart, but can be designed to work at other angles as well. The pitch surface of bevel gears is a cone.

Two important concepts in gearing are pitch surface and pitch angle. The pitch surface of a gear is the imaginary toothless surface that you would have by averaging out the peaks and valleys of the individual teeth. The pitch surface of an ordinary gear is the shape of a cylinder. The pitch angle of a gear is the angle between the face of the pitch surface and the axis.

The most familiar kinds of bevel gears have pitch angles of less than 90 degrees and therefore are cone-shaped. This type of bevel gear is called external because the gear teeth point outward. The pitch surfaces of meshed external bevel gears are coaxial with the gear shafts; the apexes of the two surfaces are at the point of intersection of the shaft axes.

Bevel gears that have pitch angles of greater than ninety degrees have teeth that point inward and are called internal bevel gears.

Bevel gears that have pitch angles of exactly 90 degrees have teeth that point outward parallel with the axis and resemble the points on a crown. That’s why this type of bevel gear is called a crown gear.

Mitre gears are mating bevel gears with equal numbers of teeth and with axes at right angles.

Skew bevel gears are those for which the corresponding crown gear has teeth that are straight and oblique.

Bevel Gear

Bevel gears materials


Bevel gears can be made from various materials depending on the specific application requirements. The choice of material is crucial to ensure the gear’s durability, strength, and resistance to wear. Here are some common materials used for manufacturing bevel gears:

1. Steel: Steel is a widely used material for bevel gears due to its excellent strength, durability, and wear resistance. Different grades of steel, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, can be employed based on the specific application demands.

2. Cast iron: Cast iron is another popular material choice for bevel gears, especially in applications requiring high strength and resistance to shock and vibration. It offers good wear resistance and is relatively cost-effective.

3. Bronze: Bronze, particularly phosphor bronze or aluminum bronze, is selected for applications that involve high-speed and high-load conditions. Bronze provides good resistance to wear, corrosion, and galling, making it suitable for demanding environments.

4. Aluminum: Aluminum bevel gears are commonly used in lightweight applications where weight reduction is a critical factor. Aluminum gears offer low inertia, good corrosion resistance, and are often used in industries such as aerospace and robotics.

5. Plastics: Certain plastics, such as nylon, acetal, and polyethylene, are utilized for bevel gears in applications that require low noise, low weight, and resistance to chemicals or moisture. Plastic gears can provide cost-effective solutions for less demanding applications.

Bevel Gear

Bevel gears advantages

1. Efficient Power Transmission

2. Versatility

3. Compact Design

4. Angular Transmission

5. Smooth and Quiet Operation

6. Load Distribution

7. Wide Range of Applications

Bevel Gear

Bevel gears applications


Medical Devices: Bevel gears find applications in the medical industry, particularly in medical imaging equipment, surgical robotics, and diagnostic devices. They enable precise motion control and power transmission in these critical medical applications.

Power Tools: Many power tools, including drills, saws, and grinders, utilize bevel gears for power transmission. Bevel gears help transfer power from the motor to the cutting or grinding components, providing the necessary torque and speed conversion for efficient operation.

Marine: Bevel gears are extensively used in marine propulsion systems. They can be found in boat outdrives, marine transmissions, and other marine propulsion mechanisms, enabling the transfer of power from the engine to the propeller shaft.

bevel gear
bevel gear
bevel gear

Automotive: Bevel gears are extensively used in automotive systems. They are a crucial component of the differential, which allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds while maintaining torque distribution. Bevel gears are also employed in steering systems, powertrain assemblies, and transmission systems.

Industrial Machinery: Bevel gears play a vital role in industrial machinery. They are used in machine tools, printing presses, packaging equipment, conveyors, and textile machinery. Bevel gears facilitate the transmission of power and motion between different sections of the machines.

Aerospace: Bevel gears are utilized in aerospace applications. They are employed in helicopter rotor systems, aircraft landing gear mechanisms, and various other systems where angular motion transmission is required.

bevel gear
bevel gear
bevel gear

Robotics and Automation: Bevel gears are commonly found in robotics and automation systems. They are used in robotic arm mechanisms, conveyor systems, and other automated processes that require precise angular motion transmission.

Mining and Heavy Machinery: Bevel gears are employed in mining equipment, construction machinery, and heavy-duty applications. They are utilized in excavators, loaders, crushers, and other equipment that require high torque transmission for tasks such as excavation and material handling.

Agriculture: Bevel gears are used in agricultural machinery, such as tractors, combines, and irrigation systems. They facilitate power transmission and motion control in various agricultural operations.

What is the difference between bevel gear and other gear?


Feature Bevel Gears Spur Gears Helical Gears Worm Gears
Gear Teeth Orientation Intersecting shafts, angled teeth Parallel shafts, straight teeth Parallel shafts, angled teeth
Perpendicular shafts, non-intersecting teeth
Power Transmission Direction Change in direction and speed Change in speed Change in speed
Change in speed and significant torque reduction
Application Examples Angle drives, differentials, transmissions Gearboxes, conveyors, pumps Machine tools, hoists, wind turbines
Speed reducers, indexing mechanisms, crushers
Advantages Compact design, smooth power transmission Simple design, low cost, high efficiency Smooth operation, low noise
High torque reduction, self-locking
Disadvantages Limited speed range, sensitive to misalignment Limited power transmission capacity Higher cost than spur gears
Lower efficiency than other gear types
Common Materials Steel, bronze, cast iron Steel, stainless steel, plastic Steel, aluminum, bronze
Steel, bronze, cast iron
bevel gear

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Bevel Gears
Bevel Gears

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